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In this digital world, there are so many things that we use in digital format like credit cards, gift cards, and debit cards. We often find it tough to check the prepaid card balance so that’s why PrepaidCardStatus is one of the best solutions for it. Now you can check transaction history, user account details, check prepaid card balance, and activate a card online at easily.
Having prepaid cards can ease your life as you don’t need to keep cash in your wallet and shop anywhere in stores and online with full convenience.

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PrepaidCardStatus Login Process

Wondering how you can check your debit card balance online? Worry not, here is a step by step guide for you. This guide is for all users and the customers of credit cardholders.
Check the guide below.

  1. Open your web browser and type “”
  2. Now you will see two options for login and check credit card balance
  3. Tick on “No Wallet” if you are new here and haven’t registered with PrepaidCardStatus online portal already
  4. And if you have already a prepaid card account registered with PrepaidCardStatus then you can choose the second option that is “Have a Wallet”
  5. Now enter your prepaid card number and security number
  6. Enter the login button and that’s it

Once you logged in to the online portal then you can check your debit card balance in your PrepaidCardStatus account. Moreover, you can add multiple cards to one account and manage all those cards with one click.

Forgot Username and Password?


If you have forgotten your wallet username or password of the PrepaidCardStatus online portal then there is an easy way to get it back. You need to follow my steps below.

  1. Click on forgot username in case you forgot it
  2. Now submit your email
  3. You will get an email from PrepaidCardStatus with your username
  4. And if you have forgotten your password then you need to enter your username for the recovery option

Check Balance & Card Activation on PrepaidCardStatus

So you have a Visa prepaid card or even a MasterCard and you don’t know where to check the remaining balance of it? Then come in because we have a solution for you.
For all users, who are using Visa prepaid cards, gift cards, or even debit cards, they can check their card balance online here.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your prepaid card number or wallet username
  3. Now go to your wallet profile view and add a new prepaid card
  4. Enter your 16 digit card number and security number along with the expiry date
  5. Now your prepaid card is added in your PrepaidCardStatus account and you can now check balance, transactions, spending limits, and account statement history

Most of the gift cards and prepaid cards come without any activation and confirmation. So a user or a cardholder needs to activate a card first before he can use it on superstores.
And the process of activation is simple to follow.

  1. Login to your PrepaidCardStatus account with wallet username
  2. Go to your wallet profile
  3. Now click on add a card
  4. You will redirect to the next page
  5. Now here you need to enter the prepaid card details like card number and 3 digit CVV number or security code
  6. Enter your first name and last name
  7. Now enter the billing address for the card
  8. Submit your email address
  9. Provide mobile phone number
  10. Choose a security code or PIN for online transactions
  11. Now your card will be activated

Now use your activated card anywhere, make payments, swipe it on the shopper’s site, and use it on restaurants as well. But always keep a record of your spendings and try to make some savings as well.

Note: Your 3 digit CVV number is located at the rear side of your card.

Benefits of PrepaidCardStatus Portal

If you have a PrepaidCardStatus wallet then you can save your day. You will have the following perks.

  • Never do struggle for checking the balance of any card
  • You don’t need to manage your different cards on different portal services just make one PrepaidCardStatus wallet and then add all of your prepaid cards there
  • Check transactions, spendings, and savings of your cards
  • It is easy and secure as well
  • You can save money or cash in your card as well
  • Keep a sharp eye on your expenses
  • No need for the bank balance
  • Check balance limits
  • Print transaction details

You can also check gift card balance

Checking a prepaid gift card balance is never so easy. Thanks to PrepaidCardStatus where all users can check their balance and transactions as well.
So here is how it works.

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Login to PrepaidCardStatus
  3. Enter your digit code of a gift card and security code
  4. Here is your balance to check out

It’s so simple and full of convenience.

About PrepaidCardStatus

Country of IssueUnited States
Portal ServicesCheck Card Balance, Transaction History & Activate a Card
CategoryPrepaid Card, Credit Card, Finance & Banking

PrepaidCardStatus official is a banking and one of the best portal services where a user can check the balance of credit card. It is free of cost and you don’t even pay a monthly fee or bill for it.
Using Prepaid card status services, you can get amazing benefits. This online website portal service was introduced a while ago for the convenience of credit card users.
Now not only in the United States yet users are using this website portal from all around the world. Whether you have ATM cards, prepaid cards, or even charge cards, PrepaidCardStatus is your solution. Most of all, you don’t need any bank account for it.

Perks of Prepaid Card Status Cards

In this world, we live in a digital era where we don’t keep money in the form of cash. So we keep the money in the form of plastic currency.
These plastic currencies are safe and easy to carry as well. Your paper-currency may steal or lose but plastic cards keep your cash safe and secure.

Credit cards are super convenient because you can make payments on superstores, markets and hotels as well
A prepaid cardholder can top up his card anytime and use it everywhere
Most of the world population is now using prepaid cards instated of cash or paper money
If you want to withdraw the cash then you can use these ATM cards on any ATM machine
For getting a prepaid card, a user doesn’t need to have a good credit score or even a bank account
You can gift these cards to your family and friends to spread happiness Contact Customer Care

If you gave any issue regarding login or prepaid card balance then check the contact customer care support or web support now.

Call at PrepaidCardStatus Official: +1 (866) 230-3809

Related Info for PrepaidCardStatus

There are a number of searches that cardholders are using when searching for this website. You may need a checking bank account and saving bank account when you need to register with Prepaid Card Status. Always follow the steps to activate a card and login into your account. If you have forgotten your username or password then no need to worry as you can recover the username and password easily.

Follow the instruction to confirm your card online and you can also use phone to activate you credit card. There are two main types of card, one is credit card and the other one is debit card. Another kind of card is prepaid card.

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